Opel India was started in 1971 by two young engineers, Mr. G. N. Gadgil and Mr. G. G. Dharap with a goal to establish new line of products for the "Audio-Visual" industry.
Starting its functionality in a small workshop, we developed India's first 35 mm Automatic Slide Projector. After receiving overwhelming response for eight slides capacity, we came with a new idea of twenty slides projector!
Within few years more sophisticated and yet more capacity slide projector was developed, named Carryscope-100! It was for 100 slides and we are proud to state that this is the only one of its kind in the world till date!

Included in our business line are,
• Optical Profile Projectors
• Newtonian / Cassegrain Telescopes
• Large aperture telescopes and telescope based systems
• Heliostat
• Diffusion and Transmission Measuring Eaquipment
• Special Purpose Optical, Opto-Mechanical Instruements
• Hemispherical Glass Dome covers for Pyranometer
• Sphrical / Non-Spherical Mirrors, Lenses
• R & D jobwork in the field of Optics

We operate with skilled labour for optical grinding and polishing. We have about 2000 sqft floor space for our manufacturing operations.
The machinery includes;
• Basic tool room machinery such as, lathe, drilling m/c, surface grinder, milling m/c, fabrication equipmen and SPM's developed specifically for optics
• Machinery for glass grinding
• Vacuum Coating Equipment - Evaporation type
• Monochromatic Light Source for Optical Testing
• Optical test bench